Global Digital Technologies

Since 1999, GDT is active in the design, development and integration of advanced digital apparatus, embedded networked systems and video coding systems, bringing together significant know-how in the areas of microelectronics and embedded systems. GDT has invested in developing energy autonomous systems and has gathered experience and expertise through participation in RTD projects, delivering miniaturized perpetual power supplies for IoT nodes


Blueprint & design

Proven experience in designing and deploying embedded systems at all stages of implementation, designing printed circuit boards, programming subsystems in FPGAs, embedded programming, system-level interconnection, as well as development of special middleware and application software.


40+ Years

Over 40 Man-years of experience in using advanced hardware and software design and development tools with emphasis on embedded applications.


Know How

  • Experience in Energy collection from RES, storage and management.
  • IoT platforms and web-based (real time) SCADA systems.
  • Experience in collaborative design and development, as part of international and multi-disciplinary engineering teams.
  • Know-how in the commercialization of RTD results.
  • GDT’s know-how has been applied to a wealth of advanced products and applications, including: Industrial system controllers for medium voltage power stations (reactive power compensation)
  • Energy management systems for hybrid solar plants
  • Distributed (web based) GIS applications (radio coverage, power surveys etc.)
  • Intellectual property blocks for H-264 video coding ICs.

Active R&D Projects


Delivering High-Value Advanced ICT Technology


  • Single chip communications controller
  • Manufactured by UMC (TW)
  • Digital SoC (Hyperstone E1 32-bit RISC/DSP)
  • Almost all Silicon IP AND S/W (Linux kernel incl.) developed by GDT

INOS ASIC (0.18um, 35sqm)

  • Single chip camera controller
  • H.264 IP provider / S/W integrator


GDT designed and demonstrated high performance networked systems Streaming video camera ref. design GDT designed, produced and committed SCADA networks CBC300 data acquisition and supervisory system

Our Work

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