Digital System Design

GDT remains strongly focused in providing high quality services for digital system design. The company holds an extensive experience in analysis, modeling, development and prototyping of complex digital systems for embedded platforms, and can deliver advanced solutions in any level(s) of the design flow including:

  • Specifications capture, complexity analysis
  • System level modeling, performance study
  • Architecture optimization, HW/SW partitioning
  • Silicon development (from RTL description to gate level netlist production)
  • Synthesis and optimization process for VLSI (FPGA, ASIC) technologies
  • SoC Integration
  • Board level prototyping/PCB design (multi layer, fine pitch, BGA, high speed)
  • System level verification, small volume production


Combing experience with flexible partner collaboration and support model, the company can operate as design contractor, silicon IP provider, system prototype integrator or even as small volume OEM - always according to your needs.

MEMSENSE project

GDT announces  the successful completion of the MEMSENSE RTD project Memsense site 

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