Integrated Environment for the description, implementation and testing of TR-69 clients

iEdit69 is an integrated software environment that allows the rapid development andinstantiation of TR-069 clients for any class of Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) device, including Gateways, Set-Top Boxes, VoIP phones and NAS devices.


iEdit69 generates verified, platform independent C code for the TR-069 client, making implementation and integration easy for any hardware platform. iEdit69 can be used by any engineer with background in embedded programming and is especially suited for CPE manufacturers, addressing the problems of mass implementation, testing and life-cycle management of the different TR-069 client applications. For service providers, iEdit69 constitutes the basis for a comprehensive, integrated management tool.

We made coding easy

iEdit69 offers you an integrated environment in an easy-to-use format and is fully compatible with the TR-106 (Data Model Template for TR-069-enabled Devices) DSL forum’s standard. The Device Descriptor provides a user friendly environment for describing every kind of CPE device. Then the Device Creator acting as the heart of iEdit69, undertakes the automatic generation of the source code for the corresponding TR-069 client application. Being fully compatible with the PD-128 and WT-123, the Simple ACS (SACS) of iEdit69 is a verification tool for the code created by the Device Creator.

We integrated all the standards you need

iEdit69 is designed taking into consideration the whole suite of TR-069 related standards, supporting the following DSL Forum Technical Reports: TR-069, TR-098, TR-104, TR-106 and TR-111. Since the standardization is still ongoing, iEdit69 is continuously upgraded to support the corresponding Working Texts WT-123, WT-140, WT-142 and WT-143. Finally, to achieve success in TR-069 plugfests of DSL forum, iEdit69 adheres to the PD-128 procedures.


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Made for you

iEdit69 is your choice if you are:

  • a CPE vendor and/or an OEM seeking to incorporate TR-069 compliance to your range of devices with minimum investment. For in-house developers, iEdit69 enables the implementation and testing of TR-069 client application for any CPE product without further expertise or costs. Pay-off starts from the first implementation. For outsourced TR-069 development, iEdit69 enables you to cut down the costs of TR-069 client maintenance.
  • a developer of advanced TR-069 compliant families of devices. For a developer, iEdit69 provides reliable and coherent implementation, continuously supporting version control in an easy-to-maintain and -retrieve format. The produced code is effortlessly mapped back to the protocol and to your selection of parameter grouping for each individual implementation of Set/Get functions.
  • an ACS vendor interested in familiarizing your clients with the TR-069 protocol. The modular design of the ACS part (SACS) of the iEdit69 eases the set-up of configuration scenarios of TR-069 capabilities.
  • a service provider. For services providers, iEdit69 is the basis for a comprehensive remote TR-069 client configuration tool.

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