Crypto II

AES /DES /TDES Encryption Core

Crypto II is a highly integrated silicon IP core for security applications. It features advanced data encryption and decryption based on popular DES, TDES and AES algorithms.

  • The core is compliant to FIPS-46 and FIPS-197 standards and fully configurable to support either:
    • DES 64-bit encryption/decryption using 64-bit key
    • TDES 64-bit encryption/decryption using three 64-bit keys
    • AES 128-bit encryption/decryption using 128-bit key

DMA capable host interface and flexible SoC integration are provided through the core’s AMBA based system interface.


  • Applications:
  • Cryptographic systems
  • Internet security
  • Banking
  • Military communications
  • Deliverables: 
  • VHDL RTL source code
  • UMC 0.18 um netlist
  • Synthesis scripts
  • FPGA Virtex-II Pro optimized netlist
  • Complete VHDL testbench
  • IP core documentation and system integration guide

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