DS500: ECIAD Development system

DS500 is an advanced development and evaluation platform for embedded applications.

It provides a high density embedded development environment for integration, testing and validation of a variety of networked communications subsystems and applications.

DS500 features the majority of popular communication interfaces, including Ethernet, UTOPIA, Bluetooth, ISDN, DSL, POTS all on one board-level system. Additionally, the rich set of system resources i.e FLASH, SDRAM, SRAM memories, on-board FPGA, plus standard RS-232, UART, PCMCIA connectors, provide excellent flexibility in building, developing , integrating, debugging and validating almost any related hardware/software module implementation.


DS500 combined with i.e a RISC processor add-on board can deliver a fully functional demonstration/application environment of a complete multi-interfaced internetworking engine.


  • Board statistics:
  • Dimensions: 30.5cm x 18.95cm (~A4 sheet size)
  • 8 layers (5 routing + 3 planes)
  • Minimum track width 6mils (0.15 mm)
  • Minimum clearance 8mils (0.2 mm)
  • Approx. 843 components placed on both sides
  • Approx. 2665 vias with drill 0.3mm


MEMSENSE project

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