A flexible, yet highly integrated system controller for Integrated Access Devices

ECIAD (HyNet1) is a sophisticated system controller for integrated communications devices. It is the enabling building block for the delivery of sophisticated, yetlowcost, customer premises equipment. The IC supports a wealth of wireless and wireline communication interfaces, together with ample on-chip resources to facilitate true single-chip system implementation. The chip integrates a 32 bit RISC/DSP, 256K of on-chipRAM and 256K of on-chip flash memory.

Deliberately, the ECIAD IC does not integrate the mixed-signal physical layer communication devices, thus resulting into a very compact and silicon efficient implementation.


  • Supported interfaces:
    • Bluetooth V1.1 (RF serial)
    • ATM (UL1)
    • Dual Ethernet MAC (MII) interfaces
    • Dual PCM highways
    • Dual configurable serial links (UART,SPI, I C, I S)
    • Serial Codec interface (AC97)
    • Host (microprocessor) interface
  • Processing capabilities:
    • E1-32XS RISC/DSP core from Hyperstone with 16K L1 cache, providing up to 180 MIPS/MACs (@180MHz)
    • 256K (64Kx32) on-chip fast RAM
    • 256K (64Kx32) on-chip flash
    • Integrated DRAM controller, supporting up to 128M off-chip low cost SDRAM for large S/W applications.
    • Integrated Bluetooth controller
    • Integrated HDLC controller (4 channels)
    • Fast serial controller (PCM voice and data)
    • Integrated ATM and AAL5 controllers
  • Target applications:
    • Intelligent Residential gateways and integrated access devices.
    • Small office advanced PBXs and routers.
    • Bluetooth base stations and gateways.
    • Embedded, networked, internet enabled appliances.
    • Set-top boxes with integrated broadband communication interfaces.

Application development:
Extensive support for software development is provided through the already established toolchain, including a GNU C/C++ compiler and linker, Source and System level Debugger, DSP library, library Manager and Profiler. A small footprint real time kernel, together with 3rd party S/W (Java K VM, HyNetOS, IP/ATM communication protocol stacks, echo and noise cancellation) provides a solid basis for application development. GDT supports ECIAD with a full range of native drivers for all processing modules communication interfaces.



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