We at GDT want to ensure you that our business ventures together are not only a joint effort, but beneficial to both of us. Here are few of our most satisfied customers.


INTRACOM multinational telecommunication proviser.

Hyperstone a fabless semiconductor and microprocessor design company, based in Konstanz, Germany.

CPQD a provider of Operations Support and Business Support systems.

Infineon device production for applications including communications and consumer products.

Telepassport a telecommunication service provider.

Premier-GPS a GPS solution designer and distributor.

Theta a iProvider of Intellectual Property (IP) and design services.

ΔΕΗ The Public Power Corporation S.A. is the biggest electric power company in Greece.

Archimedia is a consulting and software development company specializing in the field of Information Technology.

MEMSENSE project

GDT announces  the successful completion of the MEMSENSE RTD project Memsense site 

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